Evaluation of exotic banana germplasm for growth and yield attributes under Kerala conditions

P. R. Manju, P. B. Pushpalatha


Introduction and evaluation of exotic banana germplasm was undertaken at Banana Research Station, Kannara, Kerala Agricultural University under the ICAR – AICRP on Fruits. Two exotic cultivars viz., Popoulu belonging to the Maia Maoli /Popoulu group of the AAB genome and Kluai Namwa Khom belonging to the Pisang Awak subgroup of the ABB genome were evaluated for their performance under Kerala conditions. Popoulu was compared against the Nendran clones (AAB), Nedunendran and Manjeri Nendran II, while Kluai Namwa Khom was evaluated with local Pisang Awak cultivar Karpooravalli. The investigation showed that both the introductions are promising for cultivation in Kerala. They outperformed their check varieties in terms of bunch weight, yield and other biometric characters. Popoulu can be popularised as a dessert cum cooking variety, highly suitable for the chips industry. Kluai Namwa Khom is a dwarf variety suitable for table purpose and can be recommended in high wind prone areas.

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