Study on physical and engineering properties of groundnut seed for planter development

H.K. Venkata Reddy, Manoj Mathew


The physical properties of groundnut seeds were evaluated as a function of moisture content (m.c). The average length, breadth and thickness of the seed varied from 13.09, 8.68 and 7.07 mm, respectively, as the moisture content of 8.13% db. The roundness and sphericity are 68 and 71 per cent respectively, 1000 seed weight (W1000) ranged between 333.3 and 315.78 g, the angle of repose ranged between 31.610 and 32.620 while the bulk density measured as 845 kg m-3. The static coefficient of friction increased on three structural surfaces namely, aluminium (2.472), wooden (2.216) and stainless steel (2.013) as the moisture content increased. These data are useful for development of precision planter.


Ground nut, Physical properties, Moisture content, Sphericity and Surface area.

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