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Journal of Tropical Agriculture Control of purple nutsedge (Cyperus rotundus L.) using glyphosate and 2,4-D sodium salt Abstract   PDF
M. Ameena, Sansamma George
Journal of Tropical Agriculture Correlation and path analysis in yard-long bean Details   PDF
C. Vidya, Sunny K. Oommen
Vol 52, No 2 (2014) Cowpea response to planting date under different maize maturity types in West African Sudan savannah Abstract   PDF
Sylvester U Ewansiha, Alpha Y Kamara, Uchechuku F Chiezey
Vol 53, No 2 (2015) Creation of variability by in vitro mutagenesis in cassava (Manihot esculenta, Crantz ) Abstract   PDF
Hilario Ernesto Magaia, Jiji Joseph, C.R. Elsy, Rose Mary Francis, Dijee Bastian, R. Sujatha, C. Beena
Journal of Tropical Agriculture Decomposition dynamics of cocoa litter under humid tropical conditions Details   PDF
N.V. Sreekala, Mercy George, V.K.G. Unnithan, P.S. John, R. Vikraman Nair
Journal of Tropical Agriculture Decomposition of wild jack (Artocarpus hirsutus Lamk.) leaf litter under subcanopy and open conditions Abstract   PDF
Sheeba Rebecca Isaac, M. Achuthan Nair
Vol 54, No 2 (2016) Design and Development of Sitting Type Coconut Palm Climbing Device – “Kera Suraksha Coconut Climber” Abstract   PDF
U. Jaikumaran, Shyla Joseph, P. S. Preman, C. Unnikrishnan, K. J. Jitha, C. J. Joseph
Vol 45, No 1 (2007) Design and fabrication of a multipurpose table using a composite of epoxy and banana pseudostem fibres Abstract   PDF
S.M. Sapuan, N. Harun, K.A. Abbas
Vol 55, No 1 (2017) Detection and quantification of phytic acid in black pepper variety Panniyur-1 using Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Abstract   PDF
A.C. Giridhari, R. Sujatha, K.P. Deeshma
Journal of Tropical Agriculture Detection of Ralstonia solanacearum race 3 causing bacterial wilt of solanaceous vegetables in Kerala, using random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis Abstract   PDF
Deepa James, D. Girija, Sally K. Mathew, P.A. Nazeem, T.D. Babu, A. Sukumara Varma
Vol 44, No 0 (2006) Determinants of the effectiveness of ‘agriclinics and agribusiness centres scheme’ in Kerala Abstract   PDF
S. Parimaladevi, A. Saker Husain, S. Bhaskaran
Vol 53, No 1 (2015) Development of a decision support system for banana pest management Abstract   PDF
V.G. Sunil, Berin Pathrose, P.V. Habeeburrahman
Vol 55, No 2 (2017) Development of fortified banana pseudostem juice powder utilizing spray drying technology Abstract   PDF
S. Saranya, K.P. Sudheer
Vol 52, No 1 (2014) Development of osmotin transgenics in Hevea brasiliensis Muell. Arg. using explants of zygotic origin Abstract   PDF
K. Rekha, P.A. Nazeem, P. Venkatachalam, R. Jayashree, S. Sobha, S. Sushama Kumari
Vol 44, No 0 (2006) Development of protocorm-like bodies and shoots in Dendrobium cv. Sonia following gamma irradiation Abstract   PDF
V.L. Sheela, S. Sarada, S. Anitha
Vol 54, No 1 (2016) Differential awareness about components of agriculture among students in Kerala Abstract   PDF
Razia Fathima, Jayasree Krishnankutty, S. Krishnan
Vol 56, No 1 (2018) Diffusion treatment of coconut palm wood using organic preservatives Abstract   PDF
V. J. Jeeshma, E. V. Anoop, T. K. Dhamodaran, K. Vidyasagaran, T. K. Kunhamu, S. Gopakumar
Vol 54, No 1 (2016) Distribution of Azolla in Palakkad eastern plains (AEU 23) Abstract   PDF
K. T. Bhavyasree, S. Jayasree Sankar
Journal of Tropical Agriculture Divergence in rice cultivars based on organoleptic qualities Abstract   PDF
P.V. Nandini, P. Saraswathy, L. Prema
Vol 52, No 2 (2014) Diversity analysis of bacterial community in acid saline ‘Pokkali’ soil of Kerala through metagenomic approach Abstract   PDF
Sarveshwar Sah, D Girija, K Deepa, Nazeem P A, Firoz P M, Sunil E
Vol 55, No 1 (2017) Diversity analysis of KAU released cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) varieties based on morphological parameters Abstract   PDF
Sujith S Sajeevkumar, J.S. Minimol, P.M. Ajmal, B. Suma
Vol 47, No 1 (2009) Diversity of blackgram (Vigna mungo L. Hepper) genotypes assessed through morphological and biochemical approaches Abstract   PDF
Saikat Gantait, N. Mandal, P. K. Das
Vol 55, No 1 (2017) Diversity of endophytic bacteria from Piper spp. with antagonistic property against Phytophthora capsici causing foot rot disease in black pepper (Piper nigrum L.) Abstract   PDF
Nadiya Kollakkodan, K.N. Anith, N.V Radhakrishnan
Vol 44, No 0 (2006) Do biodynamic practices influence yield, quality, and economics of cultivation of chilli (Capsicum annuum L.)? Abstract   PDF
P. Jayasree, Annamma George
Vol 56, No 2 (2018) Does stand thinning influence wood physical properties? An investigation in a tropical hardwood, Acacia mangium Willd Abstract   PDF
S. Suresh Ramanan, T.K. Kunhamu, E.V. Anoop, Alex K. George
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