Makaram and Kumbham - Two improved rice varieties for the Cherady tracts of Kerala

Sverup John, N. Mohanakumaran, P.D. Vijayagopal, Kunjamma P. Mathew, K. Vasanthakumar, N. Ramachandran Nair, D. Alexander


Two long duration high yielding photosensitive varieties of rice viz. Makaram and Kumbham have been developed and recommended for commercial cultivation in the second crop season in the deep ill-drained soils of the southern districts of Kerala. These varieties were developed through mass selection and bulk progeny testing of the local Cherady type, so as to retain its broad genetic basis. Makaram has a yield potential of 5.2 t grain and 11.1 t straw per ha, whereas Kumbham has a yield potential of 4.7 t grain and 10.8 t straw per ha. Both these varieties are comparatively tolerant to acidic soils, pests and diseases and Kumbham is comparatively tolerant to lodging.


Bulk progeny testing; Cherady;Kumbham; Makaram; photosensitive; rice varieties

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