Garlic variety Yamuna Safed-3 - a good performer in rain shadow region of high ranges of Idukki, Kerala

S. N. Shibana, Jalaja S. Menon


A study was conducted to evaluate performance of garlic varieties in the rain shadow region of high ranges of Kerala. Nine released varieties were compared with the local cultivar in farmers’ fields of Kanthalloor panchayat. The results revealed that local cultivar and Yamuna Safed-3 recorded high fresh bulb weight. Highest yield of 1.19kg/2m2 was recorded by Yamuna Safed-3, followed by local cultivar and Ooty-1 (0.90kg/ 2m2 and 0.89kg/2m2 respectively). Fresh bulb weight showed highly significant positive correlation with plant height, neck thickness, equatorial diameter, polar diameter and clove length. Highest yield per plot, fresh bulb weight, polar diameter of bulb and clove length were recorded in Yamuna Safed-3, and it was found suitable for the agro climatic situations of Kanthalloor.


Garlic, Varieties, Yield, Kerala, Kanthalloor

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